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Intercooler : Kenworth K200                                      O/E Part Number:  QFC71520

Make:  Kenworth

Model:  K200

Engine:  Signature Cummins

Core Size: (A)680x(B)780

O/E Part Number: 

Serial No:


Manufacturer Part Number:

Silicone hose sizes:

High Tension Clamps:


Hi-Tech Part Number: HT161                                           

Rubbers Y/N:           

Part Number:

Freight:                                                                       Note: Exchange Basis

ManbusManbus HTO22 IntercoolerPOA
P/N: HTO22
O/E: 81.06130.0186


NissanNissan UD CWB483 2004POA
Hi Tech options
P/N: HTO69


Trucks are also know for having intercooler and turbo failures, very often the turbo fails because the intercooler has leaks and without a closed air circuit the propeller over spools and disintegrates and leaves propeller fragments all through the intercooler as well as oil causing a blockage through the turbulator where the air is ment to pass through. Many companies sell only a extruded tube allowing the air to pass through the tube too quickly not allowing the internal air flow to stay in front of the ambient air temperature giving the hot air inside the intercooler more time to cool down and for the engine to stay at suitable temperature extruded tubes are also more know to not handle thermal heat expansion which is when the aluminium goes hot to cold and starts cracking around the tube where it enters into the header plate where the tank is welded to.
Hi-Tech Radiators supply its own range of heavy duty plate and bar intercoolers where it has a far superior internal turbulator allowing maximum cooling of the air allowing for better boost meaning more consistent horsepower and better fuel consumption, not to mention less change of thermal heat expansion considering the plate and bar intercooler is built and constructed in such a way the core handles maximum pressure and temperature without the tubes cracking from the header plate.
The picture below shows the two different intercooler cores internal air passage-

First picture is the extruded tube and the second is the heavy duty plate and bar style.

          1              2  


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